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We Are Your Source of Truth

We deploy a proven approach to Revenue Cycle Management that effectively optimizes choice platform technology through our proprietary knowledge and operational competencies

We make your chosen technology solution work the way it is supposed to work.


Practice uses practice management technologies of choice to perform all operational activities


Payer and practice workflows, rules, and processes are programmed into platform settings to optimize experience


Manual work is completed timely and accurately using lowest cost skilled resources 


Our Story

Running a medical practice is rife with complexities and innovative solutions. The challenge is finding the right solutions and implementing them effectively. This takes time and experience. This is where we come in.


We have spent years playing on both sides of the healthcare supply chain and have seen first-hand the impact that poor system implementation, resource management, and process execution can have on any size medical practice and decided we can play a more effective role in the middle bringing it all together. So, we started Connective Health Strategies where we manage everything you need to succeed.


Over the last two years, we have honed our ability to be

The Source of Truth for our clients. We work with you to effectively optimize and run your practice. We all have a common goal to deliver the best possible solutions to our clients and connect them to the resources they need to succeed, whether we are your solution or not.


Be helpful. 

We find solutions, create partnerships, and build networks. We see “connective” not as an adjective, but as a noun.

Be humble.  

We help our clients find the right solution and the right partner – whether that is us or someone else.

Be innovative.

We embrace creativity and challenge ourselves to find new ideas and new solutions.   


Our Values

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