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The Team

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David Tassoni

Founder & CEO

David is a hands-on operations executive who has excelled at developing teams and strategic partnerships to solve some of the most challenging problems in the financial and healthcare services industries.  After 17+ years in credit card processing, David made the fortuitous jump into healthcare charged with the responsibility of leading athenahealth’s global operations expansion in 2007.  


Over the next 10 years, David led the company to a tenfold increase in processing volumes and helped establish their operations as the gold standard for healthcare processing efficiency and quality.  


David has founded Connective Health Strategies because he believes that the future of healthcare lies in connecting medical providers and patients to the most advanced healthcare technology - and more importantly, the resources needed to utilize that technology correctly.

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Tracy Swift

Director, Provider Enrollment

I am responsible here at Connective for Client Management - managing our relationships with the clients that we serve, working with our team to ensure the services we are delivering meet expectations while also identifying opportunities to maximize our clients' revenue. I am passionate inside and outside of work about the experiences we create with others. Those experiences are what make the greatest impact. Outside of work I enjoy spending my free time serving on my local church board and leading as their Ministries Director. Of course, that is when I'm not being a Mom and Step-Mom to my child and 3 step-daughters. Every day is interesting and holds a new challenge!

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Dave Emerson

Data Architect

As the Data Architect for Connective Health Strategies, my primary roll is transforming data into a credible story surrounding all aspects of Revenue Cycle Management for our clients. My primary tool for story building is SQL, though I also help craft prequels to the story using raw data in a working model in Excel. Once all parties are committed to the story line, I bring it into a formalized ETL method to make repeatable and consistent outputs for our operations team(s) in addition to client facing analytics. The secret sauce to all of this may well be being blessed with bit of OCD combined with a never-ending want to let data narrate your story.

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Elizabeth Wyman

Client Delivery Manager

As a Delivery Manager I use my 11 years of experience in RCM and Operations Management to help our clients achieve maximum outcomes through the services we provide. I am responsible for working closely with our clients and internal teams to ensure we are aligned with priorities and best practices. Process, scalability, collaboration and optimization are my passion, I am always looking for opportunities to improve experiences for all. When I’m not working you can find me spending time with my family and always in the kitchen. 

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Donna Phillips

Manager, Practice Optimization

Here at Connective, I am responsible for the Implementation and Optimization of our clients. My goal is to help our clients get it right the first time by making sure there is an Implementation Plan in place and preparing the Staff for the transition.  Optimization  and workflow redesign are key factors along with training to be successful. Outside of work, I enjoy being at the beach, camping, boating and spending time with 4 grandchildren. Living life to its fullest! 

Ingrid Anderson

Practice Implementation Manager

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As the Practice Implementation Manager at Connective Health Strategies, I leverage my diverse set of skills and expertise to successfully guide medical practices through the complex process of transitioning to a new electronic health record. Understanding the specific needs and challenges of the medical practice enables me to tailor solutions to the unique requirements of each practice. The transition process includes defining project goals, creating a timeline, allocating resources, and ensuring that the project stays on track. I assess new and existing workflows within the practice and determine how the new system can be integrated seamlessly. This involves optimizing processes to increase efficiency and reduce disruptions during implementation. I have a strong desire to help practices run more effectively, as efficient EHR implementation can lead to improved patient care, reduced administrative burdens, and enhanced overall practice performance. I am proud to have a vital part in advancing healthcare technology and making healthcare delivery more efficient and patient-centered. 

Allyson Annis

Project Associate

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As a Project Associate at Connective Health, I use my 20 years of experience in RCM to focus on claim denials.  I identify root causes and surface solutions to prevent unnecessary denials from occurring along with building workflows to aid in claim resolution.  The CHS team is made up of a wide range of incredible talents; I am fortunate to be able to collaborate with and work alongside them. When I am not working, I enjoy spending time with my family, going for walks, reading, or doing anything outdoors. 

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Hannah Brownawell

Project Associate,
Practice Operations

As a business management college graduate with a huge interest in healthcare, I have had the opportunity to join this amazing team by marrying my two interests together to support my fellow CHS team and clients. Specifically, I have jumped into projects focused on patient eligibility, client communication support, A/R processes and SOP documentation to name a few. The best part of my role is being able to collaborate and strategize with the team to ensure our clients processes eliminate all stress so they can enjoy running their practice at its best.

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Mickayla Audet

Project Associate

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Josh Payson

Director, Process Management

As a process engineer at Connective Health, I use my 15+ years of data management and outcome driven knowledge to design, develop, and implement processes that improve the quality and delivery of care along with our own internal systems to ensure our team can serve our clients with ease. I work with a variety of stakeholders, including clinicians and administrators, to identify and address inefficiencies in their healthcare systems, billing practices, or regulatory hurdles that keep their practices from true financial and process optimization.

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Gillian Hamory

Chief of Staff

As Chief of Staff at Connective, I work closely with each member of our team to make sure everything is running smoothly within our company. I enjoy the day to day collaboration and ensuring we are all working towards a common goal.

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Tiffany Helmuth

Manager, Claim Resolution

Hi, my name is Tiffany and my role at Connective is to manage post claim submission functions. This includes payment posting, payer denials, accounts receivable and vendor management. Process improvement is one of my core responsibilities and a personal niche. I also serve as a subject matter expert for our company’s ongoing pursuit of improving the revenue cycle management process and streamlining workflows for practice optimization. I enjoy being in a position that helps ensure clinicians and business owners receive the revenue they have earned through patient care encounters. 

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Becky Townsend

Manager, Billing Operations

I am responsible for front end operations for our clients, including verifying correct billing and monitoring payer guidelines for accurate first pass claims submission.  It is very rewarding working with the CHS team, a group of very knowledgeable RCM experts.  Our collaboration on client success is what set us apart from other RCM services. We fully understand and empathize with the struggles facing providers in this current healthcare market and do everything we can to make the day-to-day work about their patients, not having to focus on their revenue. I have a deep love for faith and family.  My bucket list includes getting as many stamps in my passport as possible!  Spain has become a frequent place to visit since my in-laws live there.  France, Italy, Colombia, Vancouver and the Bahamas are also currently listed but have so much more of this world to see!

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Joseph Gerold

Manager, Offshore Operations

I have 18+ years experience in offshore operations with a flair towards process excellence through automation and zeal towards improving productivity and quality, keeping a tight hold on cost. I have the ability to nurture and grow the offshore business and induce root cause fixing ability on the team. I am involved in training and ramping up of offshore operations, establishing quality program and tunes workflows and creating SOPs to improve productivity.

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Nick Tassoni

Project Associate,
Payment Operations

I am our team support "ninja" and have been with Connective for over two years. I oversee the EOB process and manage payer portals for our clients. I graduated from High Point University in 2020 and currently live in South Carolina.

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Racheal Fussell

Project Associate

I have been in the Healthcare industry on and off since the age of 17. I was able to pursue my venture into healthcare further within the last two years and was able to obtain my CPC at the end of 2023. Due to the nature of being a Project Associate, my role is always changing. I have done everything from RCM/ Billing, Patient Collections, Credentialing, and assisting with client implementation onto Candid. In my free time, you will find me singing at my church, volunteering with the local refugee community, or hiking or camping with my husband Jake and our dog Obi. 

I have been interested in the healthcare world most of my life with my goal being - to simply help in any way I can. I've worked in healthcare IT for the past 6+ years processing remittance, signing and mailing paper claims, completing payer enrollments and verification, etc. Now, I continue my healthcare journey with the amazing CHS team as a Project Associate on the Enrollment team focused on ensuring we are accurately enrolling providers and practices with payers to aid in a seamless billing process. This includes, though not limited to, completing payer applications and collecting information from practices while keeping an eye out for efficiencies in streamlining these efforts.

Outside of work, I spend all free time I can with my family and friends - taking trips, playing games, reading, laughing and loving.

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